Introducing &chill

A month ago we launched &chill, a site where you can watch YouTube videos or Twitch live streams with your friends just by sending them a link.

&chill home page

The idea came about when Ed was looking for some design resources – he stumbled across a cinema concept on by Mary Lou. We were pretty inspired and we just imagined how cool it would be being able to watch videos together in this online cinema.

By the end of the evening, we had downloaded the source code and made a few adjustments. Then we jumped on a Skype call, and played the same video on our laptops in different rooms of the office. We immediately knew there was something great about the experience of being able to watch the same video at the same time and talk in real-time with a friend, or maybe even a large group of complete strangers.


The name came about the next day. There was a very short period of time between the suggestion of the name and the purchase of the domain – probably about 30 minutes in total. And yes, we know what “Netflix and chill” means.

Within 2 weeks of sacrificing evenings and weekends to work around our full time jobs, we were ready to go live with our first version.

We shared our “canary” version of &chill on Reddit pretty early on and got some pretty invaluable feedback. It’s fair to say that some things were pretty broken. Since then, we’ve made &chill much better. We’ll write more about our Reddit launch soon.

Final thoughts

Normally we make something because we’ve found a problem and we want to try and solve it. With &chill we didn’t start by trying to solve a problem, we just made something we thought would be cool. It turns out that (maybe) we’ve actually stumbled across a problem after all.


Thanks for stopping by.